What About My Kids?

What About My Kids?


faq_kidchucklesWe care about you and your family. And we believe celebrating the God who made us is anything but boring! At Mosaic Kids we love teaching children from His Word. Just like our adults, we focus our teaching on the Gospel. Teaching character traits are good but it is the Gospel that will transform and empower them to live out the truths that are taught. Our classrooms are safe, secure, age-appropriate (birth to fifth grade), and our leaders can’t wait to welcome your kids.

Okay, forget the studies. Just ask parents. Adults who grew up going to church, then took a break in early adulthood, often run to find a church as soon as they have children. Why? Because they sense what we know—God has something to say about how we live our lives. Parents understand it’s their responsibility to teach this to their kids, but most of us need some help too.


faq_student-ministryOur gifted and committed student ministry leaders are waiting to welcome your high school or junior high student to events designed with them in mind. They’ll find gatherings filled with worship and teaching from the Bible that meets them right where they are—not to mention friendship and fun. One of the biggest complaints young people have is that they get “treated like a child.” At Mosaic we have weekly small group meetings to engage our students with the Gospel.