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Do Not Fear in the Face of Change


When you first have children, you quickly learn the importance of establishing a routine and some structure in their lives. Meal times and nap times are sacred. It’s always three stories before bed and Mr. Bear must lie next to the pillow, or life just isn’t right. Children thrive in a routine. And when things change, when anything changes, they are quick to let you kn...

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Worship only on New Year's Eve

There will be no life groups on Sunday, December 31. We will have worship service at 10:30 as usual. Join us as we look ahead to the new year!...

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The Early Christians Were Odd, Too


It can be disheartening, not to mention frightening, when our culture rejects aspects of Christianity as strange or offensive. When Christians feel isolated and alone, it’s helpful to remember this experience is nothing new for God’s people......

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We've Moved!


Our new location is Daniel Morgan Middle School. You can find us there every Sunday beginning August 6, 2017....

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Study on Spiritual Gifts


I'll be teaching two deep dive sessions on Spiritual Gifts on June 18th and 25th. The purpose is to study the Bible in order to understand what God teaches on the topic of Spiritual Gifts and how we should apply this in the local church. We'll be addressing the following questions: Who gives them? Who gets them? What is the "giving/getting" based on? How many do you get? W...

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Gospel Fight Club Update

Change of date and location for June GFC!...

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Five Reasons Why Stability Is Bad For a Church


Change or die. That is reality for churches today. Of course, I am not talking about Scripture, doctrine, or spiritual disciplines changing. Those things are constants, never to be compromised. But much of what we do in our churches must change......

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When Fear Seizes You


As fear began to consume me, every worst possible situation played out in my head. Had terrorists overcome the conference and taken captives? What would I do? My mind went through multiple scenarios: explaining to our children what had happened, looking for a job to support our family, and wondering whether to sell the house......

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New Heavens And a New Earth

While I have studied the Bible in quite a bit of detail for forty years now, I have not until the last couple of years given much consideration to seeing the biblical revelation specifically in light of God’s plans for the new heavens and the new earth He speaks of so emphatically in 2 Peter 3:13....

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A Second Race of Men

It is obviously traditional to consider the resurrection of Christ on Easter. Many Christians are unaware of the fact that the Lord has provided us with what may be thought of as the “Full Mention” of Christ’s resurrection, together with the resurrection of the redeemed, in 1 Corinthians 15....

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